BigFings Media is a young company specialising in all forms of digital audio media. Our specialised focus is in Podcast Production. We make and produce original content designed and tailored to your specific needs and market.
Award-winning audio/content producer: Virgin Radio; The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, stints at TalkSPORT, Jazz FM, BBC and the Guardian Media Group's national radio brands. Content and development specialist, Podcast evangelist and branding enthusiast.
LBC Presenter, BBC Five Live regular, Sky & BBC News Channel pundit. Mouthpiece for BBC2's Daily Politics & BBC1's This Week. Member of the Westminster Press Gallery, writer of comedy, prolific podcaster, script editor, content and format development, and soon to complete his second book, 87 People I'd Like to Slap.
Former Chief Advisor for Radio at Ofcom, Director of Programming and Advertising at The Radio Authority, and Managing Editor at Talk Radio UK. Accomplished content editor, journalist and regulator.

Radio and audio listening has changed for good. Phones, pads and pods are now the default home for programming choice. Podcast and internet audiences are on the increase as more and more companies and organisations have realised that audiences want to listen to their choice of content when, where and how they chose, and not via the confines of a wireless.

Tailor-made Podcasts are enjoying the biggest levels of growth since the social media revolution began. BigFings Media are at the forefront here and not only take care of the entire production process but also ensure that your programme enjoys prominence within the iTunes and Android market; one click and your show is out there to the world - free at the point of listening and available on every pod, pad and smartphone in the land.

Podcasts - usually produced on a monthly basis - essentially become your own Radio Show. They can work on a number of levels. NGOs and Charities will often look to produce content that highlights a new cause or campaign. Unions or Organisations could be looking to update staff/members or even areas of the press, many companies chose to produce original content as a means of attracting greater awareness, whereas comedians have found that having their own podcast not only increases their profile to future commissioners etc, but is also the quickest and most efficient way to sell gig tickets. For many companies, however, it’s simply about brand association; a way of illustrating their progressive approach to new media.
Bigfings Media will:

  • Produce, Record and Edit your entire production. We can also take care of artwork and design.
  • Ensure your prominence within iTunes and Android Markets.
  • Work alongside your existing social-networking team to ensure robust promotion of your Podcast.
  • Work with Twitter, Facebook and your own website to create the maximum impact & awareness for all aspects of your show/production.

BigFings Media launched in February 2012 and is already proving that a fledgling Media company can make a huge impact on the market within a very short period of time.

BigFings is already working with some pretty impressive global brands as well focusing attention into niche areas within the domestic market. The current client base spans from Mitsubishi Motors to the Metropolitan Police, from Cambridge University to ID Films. The company currently have over a dozen projects in active production.

The BigFings directors also work alongside some of the UK's leading media brands including LBC 97.3, BBC News, Talking Books and Sky News.

  • 48% of adults in the United Kingdom listen to audio or radio online (phones & computers) each week. That’s an estimated weekly audience of 25 million
  • There are over 15 million UK iTunes users alone - all with access to YOUR Podcast
  • The Tune-In Radio App alone now boasts over 4 million UK subscribers.
  • Weekly reach of online audio and radio is males (51%) and females (45%), and is highest amongst 24-37 year olds (59%).
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